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Joy and love are our natural birthright, part of our genetic heritage. Remember the times that you felt that sense of inner joy, or love, or peace, or connection? It’s easy to become disconnected from what life is really about in the busyness of work and career, the grind of daily life and sometimes the tragedies that befall us through illness, accident, and circumstances beyond our control.

The purpose of this website and blog is to help you reconnect with your birthright, to live a life full of joy and abundance. Yes, there will be times of struggle, heartache, and sacrifice along the way, but that’s a part of life and not the only part. Whether or not you’re looking for practical and proven tips to grow or start a business, or to work on having a happier more successful life, we have something for you here.

So, keep in touch with us through this website to learn practical tips, tools, strategies and techniques for successful living that combines modern science with ancient wisdom. We’ll bring you information from multiple disciplines that’s both cutting edge and timeless. Practices used for thousands of years to hone mind and body, as well as modern methods used by elite athletes, CEO’s and top leaders in many fields. Strategies and unique insights derived from years of personal practice, study and mentoring by top experts in the fields of personal change, meditation, psychotherapy, leadership, business and marketing will be revealed. This website, blog and its contributors are experts in their fields, lifelong learners and dedicated to helping you succeed.

Welcome and thank you for joining us on this great journey called life.

A bit about Darin Samaha:

Darin is an acknowledged expert in the field of mental health and personal development and has developed a national best practice (see Resilience Article ) and contributed to the development of a second, as the New York State Behavioral Health lead School Responder Model – See Thank You Page. He has also developed two New York State recognized best practices in the field of forensic services.

He has served as the Chair of the Capital Region Youth Justice Team, an eight-county partnership which has created the first regional youth justice strategic plan in New York State. Strategic Plan Document

He is a current Board member of the Capital Region Planning Consortium.

Additionally, Darin co-founded a successful group psychotherapy practice and has extensive experience as a psychotherapist, executive coach, public speaker and seminar leader, and has worked with individuals and groups from all walks of life. His goal is to empower people and help them lead fulfilling lives.

Honors and Awards:

  • Recognized by the Schenectady County Legislature, along with other individuals, for his role in Operation Impact, a joint law enforcement effort resulting in the arrest of over forty gang members

  • Suicide Prevention Post-vention Award from the Suicide Prevention Center of New York

  • Partners in Program Award from the Boys and Girls Club of Schenectady County.

Organizations sponsoring workshops, public speaking, and seminars:

  • New York State Office Of Mental Health

  • New York State Department of Health

  • Trans Western Publishing – Sales Training

  • State University of New York at Binghampton

  • State University of New York at New Paltz

  • New York State Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers

  • Conifer Park

  • Ellis Hospital


  • Developing Your Inner Leader

  • Mindful Leadership

  • The Art Of Selling

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • Mindfulness in a Mindless World

  • Stress Busting Your Job & Life

  • Trauma Informed Leadership

  • Dealing With Difficult People

  • Self Empowerment & Success

And Many Others

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