5 Tips for Mental and Emotional Health

5 Tips for Mental and Emotional Health
In this post I’m going to be talking about 5 tips for mental and emotional health. For some reason, in today’s society, we equate being healthy only with being physically healthy. Being healthy only means getting the right amount of exercise along with eating the right foods, according to most people. This might be the case with our physical body, but health includes far more than that. Everyone has emotions, and everyone has a mind, and both affect everything about our physical health. In fact, we cannot separate physical, mental and emotional health and well-being from each other; to do so is a mistake.

We exist as a whole person who inhabits a physical body with feelings, thoughts, passions, and a host of intertwined functions and processes that cannot easily be separated out despite our desire to do so.

Sometimes people think that they must control how they feel. Most of the time this is due to an uncomfortable or painful emotion that they have that they would like to go away. This leads to the first of 5 tips for being mentally and emotionally healthy:

1.Accept the feelings that you have without trying to change them. Feelings are like the weather; they come and go. Just like a sudden rain shower can break through on a sunny day, so too can negative moods and feelings. Trying to control feelings may work for a brief time, but it always backfires in the end which is clearly supported by research.

While it’s not the best idea to try to control your feelings, it turns out that it’s a great idea to practice savoring positive experiences, which leads to the second of 5 tips for being mentally and emotionally healthy:

2.Savor positive experiences. Remember the positive experiences in life that you have had. Take pictures, write a brief description, have a small token that reminds you of your experience. When you are in a negative mood, these can be useful reminders of positive experiences you’ve had. Keep in mind you’re not doing this to control your feelings, but to build up your storehouse of positive memories and strengthen the part of your brain that processes positive emotions and experiences.


Now the next tip is a bit harder to do because it involves removing people or circumstances from your life that you may be hanging on to by sheer force of habit, guilt, or other reasons. Here’s the third of 5 tips for being mentally and emotionally healthy:

3.Start letting go of negative people in your life. If someone is a constant drain on you and brings you down most of the time have you asked yourself why they are still in your life? This is not a judgement; maybe you have good reasons. However, with a negative person comes negative thinking and speaking and acting which will constantly bring you down. None of us need that or want to be that type of person. So, consider removing negative people or circumstances from your life.


The good news about removing negative people is that it can leave more room for the next recommendation – Here’s the fourth of 5 tips for being mentally and emotionally healthy:

4.Add positive people and circumstance to your life. You need to be around other positive people. This works best when you spend time with your friends or other loved ones who care about you and have your best interests at heart. If you’re not sure where to meet people here’s a few places: If you are a church goer, find a church you like, and meet people who have similar interests and beliefs. Otherwise try joining a club, participate in a museum activity, hobby, or online group, or google ways to meet people. Being around positive, caring, supportive people has a tremendous impact on mental and emotional health.


This last tip is especially important as it promotes a protective effect on brain health and can be of benefit in your job, career, or personal life. Here’s the fifth of 5 tips for being mentally and emotionally healthy:

5.Learn something new and keep learning as much as you can. When you are learning new things, you will feel a sense of accomplishment which will give your self-esteem a boost. Learning is fun for most people, especially when it is a subject of interest to you. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from mastering a new subject or skill can do a lot for your mental and emotional health. This is an excellent way to boost brain power, learn new skills and improve your mental and emotional health.


These 5 tips for mental and emotional health are great, but are no replacement for a trained mental health professional, so if you are having more significant problems, please seek out a professional.

In the meantime, however, these 5 for mental and emotional health can help you feel better on a day-to-day basis.

PS – There’s a a sixth tip too – Use affirmations – The’ve been effective for millions of people. If you want a software package that automates the entire affirmation process and a whole lot more might take a look at this: Automatic Affirmation Software

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