Innovation & Overcoming Obstacles – It just happened today!

Innovation & Overcoming Obstacles – It just happened today!

Here’s my story of overcoming obstacles. Yesterday I had worked for several hours on two blog posts. One was on writing articles for a marketing blog and website that I have, and the other was on self-esteem and how to improve it. Both articles had a unique twist to them. For example, in the self-esteem article, I wrote about the dangers of an inflated self-esteem and the need for esteem to be based on competence and real word results. They were both coming along nicely, and I had worked on them for about five hours. Then, I noticed my computer seemed to be freezing up. A spinning wheel appeared where my cursor was.


I started to feel a bit anxious, as the cursor stopped moving altogether. Then, the computer stopped completely. It froze, and there was no unfreezing it. I tried everything. Finally, I had to turn the computer off. Normally documents can be auto-recovered, but no, not this time. Wow, was that a disappointment. Five hours of work and research wiped out in a moment and poor planning on my part, as I thought autosave was enabled, but alas it was not. Can you feel my pain?


I was upset, angry, irritated, but what could I do. My work had disappeared into cyberspace, never to be seen again. It was late, so I moved on to other tasks, and when I woke up this morning, I realized it was an opportunity. An opportunity to write something better and more substantial.

The point of this is that obstacles are opportunities. What at first was painful and irritating turned into an opportunity to think more deeply about the subjects of obstacles and innovation. You see, obstacles and innovation go hand in hand. Obstacles are innovation waiting to happen. But here’s the thing, people often follow prescribed solutions to deal with obstacles. They look for the six simple steps, etc. Those solutions exist, and they are useful. There are plenty that I take full advantage of in my life. I write about many them here.


There’s something deeper though that can be sought after and that’s innovation. Innovation isn’t found by following the rules, by walking down the path everyone else has followed. Innovation is about blazing your own trail. In martial arts and music and many other disciplines, there’s the notion that you master the fundamentals and then at some point you go beyond them, you innovate, the art becomes yours.

In my own life when I decided to open a private practice I didn’t take insurance, and people told me it couldn’t be done. I innovated. I did no direct advertising, but I did let people know that if they had someone, they were working with who they felt was too difficult for them, to send them my way. I was able to get results with these clients, and I never lacked for referrals.

In the National Best Practices that I helped to create, I didn’t get them to happen by copying others. I innovated and did something new. So, consider how to put your own unique spin on something. How you can innovate. It doesn’t have to be a massive national campaign. What can you do to innovate in your life? To make your life different and more uniquely your own? To follow the path “Less Traveled,” as Robert Frost said.


Don’t worry about taking the time to learn something from others if that’s what you need to do to develop your skills. Your time will be wisely spent, but when you are ready…Innovate!

Here’s a link to the video that started me on the road less traveled with online marketing.

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