Leadership & How to build a movement

If you’ve watched the video, you know that leadership is about both the leader and followers. The followers are as important as the leader. People forget that sometimes. So, let me say it again. The followers are as important as the leader. Most people have a fantasy notion of leadership; the leader as the lone wolf. The one at the top who is dominant, with a clear vision who takes charge and everyone follows the dominant alpha personality to victory. While this model occasionally holds true and is certainly glorified in the press and other media, it is by far the least common style of leadership. In today’s economy and environment, it has questionable effectiveness. If the leader doesn’t listen well and have an open environment for feedback and ideas, they often don’t succeed. Warren Bennis and David Heenan in their book Co-Leaders describe examples of the most effective leadership styles that embrace partnership with others, and this propels them and those around them to the top. Leaders are also followers and know when to follow those around them, this builds trust. We are all both leaders and followers, so develop both skills. Be a great leader for the right cause and be a great follower for the right cause.

Questions to Contemplate – What causes do you care about? What movements would you like to contribute to or start? How can you help other people? How can other people help you? How are you both a leader and follower?

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