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Do you have trouble finding inspiration some days? I do too. It’s impossible to always be inspired, motivated and confident. Just like the weather, some days will be gray and cloudy, and some days blue skies and sunny. Sure, we can pump ourselves up, be optimistic and think positively, which are all great things to do. But we’re just not going to be that way all the time.

One thing we can do that we have control over, which can benefit both ourselves and others is to give. When you see someone in need, lend a helping hand. When a friend needs to talk, lend your ear. Giving is the best source of inspiration. Give freely, or your inspiration can turn to resentment. So, give with no thought of reward. Give for its own sake and to benefit others. Doesn’t just thinking about it feel good and bring a smile to your face?

Protect Your Dream Video

When you have a dream protect it, nurture it and don’t let people hold you back. It’s too easy to be swayed by what other people will tell you, but many people live with broken dreams, and sadly would rather see others do the same. So, protect your dreams!

I believe it’s important to protect and nurture your dreams in a time when the news is filled with negativity and all we hear sounds like doom and gloom. So, protect your dreams and be true to yourself.

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