Reduce Stress and Anxiety – 3 Tips To Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety – 3 Tips To Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety!

Do you feel you should reduce stress? If you live a busy modern life and are working, parenting or in a relationship, then you may have occasional bouts with anxiety.

Occasionally we discover that we must reduce stress. Constant stress and anxiety can impact wellness and quality of life, and leave you sleepless at night. Tension and sleeplessness affect most of us at some point in our life and leave us looking for solutions. So, here are some suggestions to eliminate anxiety and reduce stress.

Begin Writing


One way to ease stress is to maintain a journal or write down your thoughts and feelings. I prefer to write about my thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper and shred it (does this make you wonder about what I think about?). It’s excellent, since you may not wish to share your issues with others. Research shows that if you write about your feelings it helps to boost your immune system and to feel better in the long term.

In addition, many people may not know exactly what is causing stress and anxiety in their lives. To learn what is bothering you, try brainstorming, and write your thoughts and feelings down. You may observe that you are concentrating on a specific subject that may be the source of your anxiety.

Additionally, you may be amazed at just what is causing your anxiety. You might find your stress level diminishing after you try this strategy. With any luck, you’ll be able to identify exactly what is bothering you as well as thinking about ways to deal with it effectively.

Schedule Time to Relax & Schedule Time to Worry


If this idea sounds silly, then it’s time to think about it a bit more, because this one is backed by some serious science. Think about it: we arrange waking up, commuting time, lunch time, our children’s lives, vacation, dinner as well as every other little facet of our lives. Take a moment and develop a routine that blocks out time just for you.

To effectively use this time to eliminate stress, ensure you set ground rules. For instance, I make it a ground rule to not check email or answer my cell phone. This time should be a break from the challenges of daily life, as well as aggravation you face during the week.

For those who worry a lot, scheduling time to worry and sticking to it, especially if you write your worries down, has been shown to reduce the overall amount of stress you will feel. That’s a neat little trick; scheduling a time to worry in order to reduce it!

Start Exercising


This is my preferred method to relieve stress and anxiety. Workouts can be a haven for you if you do it right. I work out 4-5 days per week. I highly recommend you begin your personal workout program, as research shows that this is a terrific option for relieving stress, anxiety, mild to moderate depression and just plain feeling good!

You might consider seeing your doctor before beginning an exercise program if you’re concerned about any medical issues. A good exercise program needs to consist of a mix of weightlifting and cardio.

When beginning any kind of exercise program you should begin with very easy workouts so you don’t overstrain yourself and to assess your overall fitness level… If you’re weight training, use light weights. Begin with walking for your aerobic workouts, or use an exercise bike. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Learning how to reduce stress is a valuable skill in life, not only for peace of mind but for your overall health. Stress can cause many problems if you don’t effectively deal with it, such as heart conditions, weight gain, sleeplessness and many other issues. As a matter of fact, chronic stress can hold us back from our complete potential. Even though we live in a difficult world, learning how to reduce stress will certainly help in the long run.

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